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Painting of the Arch of the General Staff Building (St. Petersburg), V. S. Sadovnikov, 1830

Painting of the Arch of the General Staff Building (St. Petersburg), V. S. Sadovnikov, 1830

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Arch of the General Staff. 24x38

Russian watercolorist and lithographer Vasily Semenovich Sadovnikov (1800-1879) in his numerous works portrayed the views of St. Petersburg.

Watercolor "Arch of the General Staff" admires the accuracy with which the artist captured one of the most beautiful corners of St. Petersburg. He chose an interesting perspective showing the view from Bolshaya Morskaya Street through arches to Palace Square with a column of Michael the Archangel. In this work, the main features of the master’s work were manifested: accuracy and documentary in depicting the urban landscape, however, not devoid of poetic mood. But Sadovnikov is interested not only in architecture, Petersburg is a living city in his watercolors: well-dressed ladies are walking around, horse-drawn sleds are racing, as if people of different classes were transferred. The artist’s work is a wonderful historical document, he vividly and easily showed the city life of the era of the reign of Nicholas I.

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