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Still life with fruits, vegetables, flowers and two lizards

Still life with fruits, vegetables, flowers and two lizards

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Still Life with Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers and Two Lizards - Still Life Master from Hartford. 105x184

The Italian artist whose brushes this painting belongs to is conditionally named by the still life stored in Hartford. His real name is unknown, but judging by the works attributed to the painter, he was close to Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio: this work was among those seized from Giuseppe Cesari, cavalier dArpino, in the studio of which he worked at one time. An unknown author borrowed a technique from Caravaggio when the light grabs the image from the twilight, and the desire to realistically convey the whole filling picture.

The fruits on the table are laid out so that each of them is clearly visible. There is no center in the composition: a vase with flowers and a fruit basket can play its role. Everything is important here: cabbage, onion, lemon, grapes, zucchini, apples, pears, leeks, pomegranates and more. Each fruit has its own symbolism: an apple reminds of the fall of Adam and Eve, a lemon - that under the bright shell of pleasures lies an acidic essence, grapes - about the sacrament of the Eucharist, a rose - a flower of the Virgin, Queen of Heaven, pomegranate - a symbol of the resurrection of Christ.

But above all, the picture reflects the abundance of earthly gifts. The image in this still life of lizards not only brings animation to the composition, but also hints, most likely, that nature withers and reborn, like a lizard grows a new tail to replace the lost one.

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