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Minotaur with a dead horse in front of a cave, Picasso, 1953

Minotaur with a dead horse in front of a cave, Picasso, 1953

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Minotaur with a dead horse in front of the cave - Pablo Picasso. 1953

The work of Picasso has personal motives: worried about the events in Spain that led to the civil war, the artist expressed in the picture an allegory of his everyday situation. His wife Olga left and he found out that his mistress was expecting a baby. In March 1936, Picasso visited the town of Juan-les-Pins on the French Riviera and returned with drawings of fantastic scenes from image of the Minotaur.

For Picasso, the monster with the head of a bull was a symbol of the duality of human nature, and in his picture he portrayed lust and cruelty. Although the kindness of the Minotaur's eyes and his smile are strangely attractive, he holds a horse crushed by his own hands, holding out his hand towards the girl who is looking at him in fright. To the left, from the darkness of the cave, another pair of hands is visible in an appealing gesture.

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