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Self Portrait, Karel Fabricius, 1645

Self Portrait, Karel Fabricius, 1645

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Self portrait - Karel Fabricius. 1645

The young artist unusually low “lowered” the figure in relation to the field of the board on which he worked, so the background occupied a lot of space - dirty gray, jagged stucco. The man in the picture stands very close to her; maybe he even leaned his back against the wall. This wall and casual cheap clothes say a lot about the environment in which his life goes. The artist’s perception is amazingly specific, Fabricius finds picturesque beauty in uneven gray stucco and makes it a kind of aesthetic leitmotif of the picture. This silver surface blends nicely with black clothing and a crumpled, rough white shirt. A young, but tired and gloomy face speaks of hard worries, strong passions and hard work of thought. Large features are as if fashioned with wide, thick strokes.

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