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From apartment to apartment, Vasnetsov, 1876

From apartment to apartment, Vasnetsov, 1876

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From apartment to apartment - Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov. 54x67

The picture is filled with hopelessness and pessimism. Judging by the clothes, we have before us the family of a petty official. The upcoming winter, a rise in the price of rents, a modest pension - all this forced the elderly couple to look for cheaper housing. Judging by the old man’s gaze, carefully cast by him on his wife, he feels guilty of what happened. The old woman is impenetrable and concentrated on the road. A faithful dog accompanies its owners, the same old, the same doomed, the same obedient to fate.

The backdrop is the silhouettes of the Peter and Paul Fortress, the already frozen Neva, the skeleton of an old boat. Vasnetsov tells the viewer the route for moving the heroes: judging by the position of the Peter and Paul Cathedral, the old people move from Vasilyevsky Island to the cheaper Petrograd side.

Gray sky, gray-yellow snow, thawed on the Neva, seagulls flying over the thawed. A depressing landscape emphasizes the sadness of the plot.



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